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Triangle an opera vignette for three singers & mixed octet 

Based on the play by Jane Martin
Commissioned by Boston Opera Collaborative in collaboration with Boston New Music Initiative
Celeste Godin, soprano; Sirgourney Tanner, mezzo-soprano.; Fran Rogers, tenor;
Tian Hui Ng, conductor; Brendon Shapiro, music director; Greg Smucker, stage director

Complete video available on Vimeo

The Purple Frog  for soprano and piano

Libretto by John de los Santos
Jasmine Muhammad, soprano; Mila Henry, piano

Revolution Begins in the Bedroom for mezzo-soprano and piano

Libretto by Alice Eve Cohen

Eve Gigliotti, mezzo-soprano; Mila Henry, piano

Unclasped for soprano and orchestra

Melinda Whittington, soprano; Curtis Symphony Orchestra

War Wedding for baritone and piano

Jarrett Ott, baritone; Susan Nowicki, piano

A Stone Falling for soprano and piano

Poem by Jeffery Beam

Justine Aronson, soprano; Kelly Horsted, piano

Spectra of Morning for magnetic resonator piano

Richard Valitutto

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